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Astym Therapy – An Effective Treatment for Painful Scar Tissue

Scar tissue formed after surgery or injury often ends up being painful and limiting movement for patients. Although there are a number of possible treatments, these options are expensive and often have only limited success. According to Drs. Michael Mont, Morad...

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Recent changes in the #dairy industry have made #mastitis prevention difficult. #Researchers @MichiganStateU created a #farm evaluation & #education program for dairy workers, to improve food quality & #sustainability, & reduce #antibiotic use. Listen: https://t.co/gEt5JHVIQd

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (@OHSUNews) are uncovering the importance of #glialcells working as bodyguards in the #brain to protect #neurons from #damage. Listen: https://t.co/7thYIhBcLH #scicomm #Neurosciences #outreach

Driven by the over-consumption of a small number of consumer nations, global trade is responsible for the permanent conversion of forests into monocultures and pastures, leading to polluted and degraded habitats that are unsuitable for wildlife: https://t.co/HQ349ePW92 @thePeerJ

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