About us


Our team is unique. We are a group of academics, publishers, communicators, marketeers, and media specialists who have come together from around the world to help you achieve maximum impact from your research. Our story began at a conference in 2016 during a round table discussion about how often do you actually fully read academic papers? Not often. Most people just read the Titles and Abstracts of articles.

We wanted to create a dynamic communication support tool to enhance citations and communicate with a non specialist audience. SciPod was born.

Although you have done the hard work in getting your paper published in a high-impact journal, this is just half the battle in today’s competitive academic environment. Your research and often, career, depends on impact and this does not come just from publications. Even the best papers, published in the best journals, are no good to you if no-one reads them; and, ideally, your work should be read by policymakers, the government, and widely covered in the media.

Maximise the IMPACT of your academic work with SciPod. We do so much more than just narrate your paper!

You wouldn’t learn to drive from someone who can’t drive themselves? We will help you to make sure your research makes a contribution. Impact is the good that researchers do in the world.

Keep your work alive after publication by connecting it with new materials, measure which communications were most effective, and do more than your competitors!

Researchers are increasingly expected to be able to articulate the value of their work with publics, to justify funding and demonstrate the impact of their research.

We have a large network of subject area experts, currently working scientists in your field, educated to PhD-level or higher. Try us, see how we can support you.