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I was honoured that SciPod contacted us about one of our recent papers, and I was delighted to work with them. The audiobook they produced will allow lay people and researchers to discover our research. The editorial process with SciPod was very easy and smooth and I look forward publishing our SciPod on our institutional website, and sharing with prospective research students.

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Dr. AJ Richards

The College of New Jersey

Creating and disseminating knowledge has long been part of the mission and purpose of academics. For us, the tradition has been to rely on scholarly journal publishers to do the dissemination part. However, with the ascent of social media and digitalization, it became clearer to me that dissemination should include digital platforms. So when I was approached by Science Diffusion to record a ‘SciPod’, I was intrigued and asked my friend and expert in the field if this was worth a try. Based on his encouragement, SciPod created my first audiobook in 2020 and I soon saw the readership of my paper increase. My knowledge was disseminated digitally to a larger portion of society and the conversation enriched. Working was the team at SciPod was the easiest thing! They are very responsive, professional, and flexible. The services they provide are well worth the cost. I have recommended them to other colleagues and just had a third SciPod published with them, about the issue of child labour in global supply chains.

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Dr. Bertrand Guillotin

Temple University, USA

The increase in the number of downloads for my original paper indicates that the SciPod campaign has been successful. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on this project. My work to reconstruct statistics will continue and I will certainly consider SciPod in my next outreach project.

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Stanley Luck, PhD

Vector Analytics LLC

We were approached by SciPod informing us of their science communication service, and we thought it would be a good way to widen the audience of a research paper we’ve recently published. We really enjoyed working with SciPod and dealing with the editorial team was so easy and efficient, we couldn’t have asked for it to go any smoother. We are looking forward to reaching more people than just those interested in time use research, and we think our funding agency will appreciate our efforts of a new, accessible way for them and for the public to encourage wider engagement with our research.

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Carla Aylmore, Project Officer

Centre for Time Use Research, UCL

We were looking for different ways to communicate our findings in a broader and more accessible way, particularly since Covid made it impossible to go and talk to people, which is what we’d normally do. I was attracted to SciPod by having a new set of eyes look at our research and extract what they thought were the most important and interesting aspects, since we’ve been working on it for a few years it was nice getting a fresher perspective. Overall working with SciPod was a really rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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Dr. Tilman Hartley

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

SciPod greatly helps our research by making the information available to specialists and non-specialists and to the general public. We have now used SciPod five times and this is because of the extremely professional and friendly staff, and the high quality final product.

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Alejandro Estrada, Ph.D

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Our research now has an opportunity to reach and connect with more of our peers, colleagues, students and
the general public both locally and internationally. I am excited about the possibilities this will bring, and I highly recommend SciPod if you want a professional scicomm
service that delivers impact and a useful tool that you can use independently.

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Prof. Martina Blašková, PhD

University of Žilina, Slovakia

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