SciPod is a leading science communication service, focusing on audio communication. It was borne by a team of creative thinkers and explorers from inside and outside the academic community, with the aim of making science accessible, understandable, influential, and enjoyable. We blend a diverse pool of backgrounds and expertise, from scientific researchers to editors, from writers to designers, and from voice actors to public relations professionals. Together we have over 20 years’ experience in the field of science communication.

With our rich reputation of bringing a new, authentic and easy communication service to lovers of science and technology, SciPod has helped hundreds of researchers, universities, publishers, and societies to communicate their science beyond traditional academic journals.

Partnership opportunities

There are several ways we can support your communication efforts. Our overall goal is to provide an original, impactful, and highly complementary service to both you and your authors.

Product integration

Integrate either an audiobook or animation into the initial submission offering as an ‘add-on’ outreach option, to help your authors with their broader communication mandate. This has proven to be a great way for a publisher to offer their authors one step beyond open access, and to showcase published science to a new and diverse audience.

SciPod can be seamlessly integrated with your current editorial process and we will manage all communication with your authors if required.

Exclusive referral

Offer SciPod to your authors before and/or after publication as an outreach and research promotion service, or as a member benefit. Provide your authors with an exclusive discount as part of the agreement.

This will benefit all involved, and provides your authors with a valuable service that adds value to publishing with you.

Marketing outsourcing

Arrange a fixed budget for SciPod to produce and promote a required number of audiobooks, videos, or editorial brochures for your journals. You can select certain papers or books, or we can suggest a selection.

SciPod will work to your requirements and deliver marketing impact without the cost of employing a marketing department.

White label service

Although we would love to form a visible collaboration with you, we appreciate that you may want to offer audiobooks and videos as ‘in-house’ services. We would be happy to develop and supply bespoke outreach materials that you can offer your authors under your own brand.

Why partner with us?

With over 7000 new science papers being published each day, many are never read, let alone cited. Audiobooks can help cut through the noise of over-publishing, by communicating science and research in an accessible language for a broad audience.

  • We can create extra visibility and impact for your journal
  • We can create complementary impact for your authors
  • We can add value to open access publishing
  • We can offer insight into non-open access journal articles
  • We provide 20 years of science communication experience
  • We cater to publishers of all sizes
  • We offer a bespoke and professional service to your authors
  • 75% of people would choose to listen to an audiobook than read text 75% 75%
  • 50% would choose to listen to an audio over watching a video 50% 50%
  • 50% increase in worldwide audio listeners in 2020 vs 2019 50% 50%
  • 12.5% of ALL people in the world now listen to an audio weekly 12.5% 12.5%

Trusted by the research community

Simplified editoral process

Our unqiue 4 step editorial process allows us to work from distance whilst giving you full control with minimal time commitment 

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