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Researchers are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to communicate more, especially to the public.

Moreover, given the significant change in the way information is disseminated and accessed, people want more from researchers, academic institutions, and industry than ever before. 

It is now widely accepted that broader science communication is a fundamental aspect of a scientist’s career. While many do recognise this, it can be a challenge to do it effectively. SciPod offers a professional communication and dissemination service to support and enhance scientific research.

We make science understandable, enjoyable, accessible, and open.

Why communicate with SciPod?

If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?

You have done the hard work in publishing your research. Now you need to make sure as many people as possible hear about it and. Draw extra attention to your work and build an interested community who can support your efforts.

From peer review to podcast. SciPod will transform your scholarly paper into a sharable audio layman summary.

With over 7000 new science papers being published each day, many are never read let alone cited. Using audio can help cut through the noise of over-publishing and help to communicate scientific research in an accessible language for a broad audience.

  • Three out every four audio consumers say they enjoy tuning in to audios to learn new things (source: Statista) 75% 75%
  • Monthly podcast listeners have grown 61.5% in 3 years (source: The Infinite Dial) 61.5% 61.5%
  • 59% more time was spent listening to podcasts than scrolling through social media (source: semrush) 59% 59%
  • Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts (source: Edison Research) 28% 28%

Increase citation and impact

Attract collaborators

Open a dialogue between science and society

Unique outreach and public engagement

Enhance funding opportunities

Very minor time commitment 

Our dissemination team publish and promote each SciPod to an audience of over 26,000 listeners. We publish each SciPod episode on multiple audio platforms. Including the five major players in the audio software industry – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, and Google Podcasts.

What is a SciPod?

From peer review paper…

To plain language summary…

Simplified editoral process

Our unqiue 4 step editorial process allows us to work from distance whilst giving you full control with minimal time commitment 

Trusted by the research community

Your own personal communication team

We can do all of the work so that your time can be dedicated to research.

SciPod is an end-to-end production and dissemination service supporting researchers in communicating their work and reaching a much broader and diverse audience.

Each SciPod is written by our team of PhD-level science writers who work diligently to transform complex technical papers into a plain language summary.
Our professional voice artists beautifully narrate the summary into an understandable, enjoyable, and impactful audiobook.

Our dissemination team publish and promote each SciPod to an audience of 26,000 listeners (and growing). Through all major audio sites including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Breaker, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, and Overcast to name a few.

Choose wich service works for you

Self write SciPod

Write a 1200 word plain language summary of your research paper or project. We will provide editing and style feedback, and then professionally narrate and publish as an audiobook

£450 GBP

(*we can invoice in any currency)


Simply upload a paper of your choice and we will transform it into a sharable audio summary and take you from peer review to podcast in a number of weeks

£650 GBP

(*we can invoice in any currency)

SciPod with e-book

Do you need a graphically designed and printable dissemination brochure as well? Choose this option if you would like us to turn your SciPod script into a beautifully designed booklet

£850 GBP

(*we can invoice in any currency)

Still not sure? Please feel free to contact us for futher informtion, or visit our frequestly asked questions page