Students Using Nanotechnology to Solve the World’s Greatest Challenges – Drs Edward Davis, Virginia Davis & Joni Lakin, Auburn University

Dec 14, 2017engineering and tech, stem education

The field of engineering is central to innovations across science and technology, yet many college students show a lack of interest in pursuing engineering careers. Educators at Auburn University are developing innovative educational modules that engage students in solving humanity’s biggest challenges using cutting-edge engineering techniques, cultivating enthusiasm for engineering careers along the way.

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Exploring Diamond’s Potential in High-Power, High-Temperature Electronics – Dr Debarati Mukherjee, Dr Luis Nero Alves, Dr Joana Catarina Mendes

While many people perceive diamond as a material used to make jewellery or other decorative objects, this mesmerising stone has numerous other valuable applications. In fact, its physical properties make diamond ideal for uses in various technological applications, including high performance electronics. Dr Debarati Mukherjee, Dr Luis Nero Alves and Dr Joana Catarina Mendes at the University of Aveiro in Portugal have recently outlined some exciting potential uses of diamond in technology and engineering, while also describing what makes this material so unique and valuable.