Research Animated

With over 7000 new papers published daily, researchers must think more-and-more about the socioeconomic impact of their work, much more than just how many people read their articles.

Video can quickly bridge geographic, demographic and language barriers, allowing you to communicate and quickly share the message of your research to a time-conscious society.

Don’t sit and wait for print and online media to find you. Make sure you have information ready for your website, blog and social media channels so that people can quickly learn about your research and find out why it’s interesting.

What we do

Our team will work with you to shape the message you want to deliver, develop scripts and storyboard imagery to start bringing it to life, before we move into the exciting animating stage. We offer a complete end-to-end production service from a short summary video through to bespoke 2D animation to turn your research into an eye-catching, informative, visual message, allowing you to quickly reach your target audience and beyond.

Our team is unique. We are a group of academics, publishers, marketeers, designers, and media specialists who have come together from around the world to help you achieve maximum impact from your research.

You deserve it.

What we offer

Research Byte

A 2 minute video summarising your research. Created by using a mixture of still images and video clips, background music and subtitles.

Research Animated

A three minute 2D animation summarising your research. Created by using 2D graphics, background music and voice over.

Animation Process

Step 1

Input your details and upload your paper through the order button below

Step 2

Our editorial team will identify key points of your paper to write your animation and voiceover script

Step 3

Your script is written and sent back to you within 14 days for review and comment

Step 4

Our design team will storyboard a number of still scenes for you to review and approve

Step 5

Your animation is produced and sent to you with 2-3 weeks for review and comment

Step 6

Your final animation is provided to you in mp4 format and published and disseminated under a creative commons licence

Choose which video works best for you

Research Byte

£750 GBP

(*We can invoice in any currency)

Research Animated

£1750 GBP

(*We can invoice in any currency)