Jan 18, 2023 | biology

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Eggs are marvellous – they contain all the sustenance needed to make a young bird within their protective shell, and when destined for the plate, they are nutritious and delicious. For many of us, cracking open an egg for breakfast to discover two yolks in the pan is a pleasant surprise. However, if eggs are nature’s miracle of packaging, then double-yolked eggs must be nature’s mistake – a mistake that still holds many mysteries. To answer some persisting questions, Dr Attila Salamon and Dr John Kent of University College Dublin examined our collective knowledge on double-yolked eggs in a recent review.

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This SciPod is a summary of the paper ‘The double-yolked egg: from the ‘miracle of packaging’ to nature’s ‘mistake’’, in World’s Poultry Science Journal.

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