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If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?

You have done the hard work in publishing your research. Now you need to make sure as many people as possible hear about it and. Draw extra attention to your work and build an interested community who can support your efforts.

It is vital to support traditional scholarly publishing and transform science into something enjoyable, understandable and impactful that everyone has a chance to be involved with. Increasing the visibility and accessibility of your research will help to create more opportunities for funding, employment, partnerships, and support.

Why communicate with SciPod?

SciPod will transform your paper into a sharable audio summary.

With over 7000 new science papers being published each day, many are never cited let alone read. Using audio can help cut through the noise of over-publishing and help to communicate science and research in an accessible language for a broad audience.

  • 75% of people would rather listen to an audiobook than read text 75% 75%
  • 50% would choose to listen to an audio over watching a video 50% 50%
  • 50% increase in worldwide audio listeners in 2020 vs 2019 50% 50%
  • 12.5% of ALL people in the world now listen to an audio weekly 12.5% 12.5%

Increase citations and impact

Attract collaborators

Enhance funding opportunities

Educate a diverse audience


Average Altmetric score increase

Average social media impression

Your own personal communication team

We do all of the work so that your time can be dedicated to research.

SciPod is an end-to-end production and dissemination service supporting researchers in communicating their work and reaching a much broader and diverse audience.

Each SciPod is written by our team of PhD-level science writers who work diligently to transform complex technical papers into a plain language summary.
Our professional voice artists beautifully narrate the summary into an understandable, enjoyable, and impactful audiobook.

Our dissemination team publish and promote each SciPod to our audience of 26,000 listeners (and growing). Through all major audio sites including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Breaker, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, and Overcast to name a few.


Simply upload a paper of your choice and we will transform it into a sharable audio summary and take you from peer review to podcast in a number of weeks

$600 $540 USD

SciPod with e-book

Do you need a graphically designed and printable outreach brochure as well? Choose this option if you would like us to turn your SciPod script into a beautiful science communication booklet

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*Until January 31st 2021

Simplified editoral process

Our unqiue 4 step editorial process allows us to work from distance whilst giving you full control with minimal time commitment 

Trusted by the research community

“Scholars have to promote their work but don’t have the expertise and/or networks to get visibility and continue the discussion associated with our published work. SciPod can help with this.”

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin

Temple University, USA

“SciPod greatly helps our research by making the information available to specialists and non-specialists and to the general public. We have now used SciPod five times and this is because of the extremely professional and friendly staff, and the high quality final product.”

Alejandro Estrada, Ph.D

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

“Our research now has an opportunity to reach and
connect with more of our peers, colleagues, students and
the general public both locally and internationally. I am
excited about the possibilities this will bring, and I highly
recommend SciPod if you want a professional scicomm
service that delivers impact and a useful tool that you
can use independently.”

Prof. Martina Blašková, PhD

University of Žilina, Slovakia

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We can help increase the visibility and impact of your research. SciPod is available for all disciplines of sciences and humanitites.