Nov 17, 2022 | health and medicine

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Human skin acts as an important line of defence against the external environment. To preserve this important function, the regeneration of injured skin is critical. Scientists are now able to artificially replicate aspects of the complex microenvironment in which human skin stem cells reside thanks to the technological advances in the field of biomaterial devices. Dr Ilida Ortega Asencio, from the University of Sheffield, UK, and her team have developed a new approach in which electrospun patches with defined microenvironments can be functionalised with key compounds to aid the formation of new blood vessels in injured skin.

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This SciPod is a summary of the paper ‘Delivery of Bioactive Compounds to Improve Skin Cell Responses on Microfabricated Electrospun Microenvironments’, from the journal Bioengineering. DOI:

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