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Scientists are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to communicate science to a much broader and diverse audience. Moreover, given the significant change in the way information is disseminated and accessed, people want more from academic institutions and industry than ever before.

It is now widely accepted that broader science communication is a fundamental aspect of a scientist’s career and certainly a criteria for most new research grants. While many do recognise this, it can be a challenge to find the time and do it effectively.

In a recent survey, 75% of people suggested they would prefer to listen to an interesting story than read it.

We have the solution.

SciPod boasts a rich reputation of bringing a new, authentic and easy communication service to lovers of science and technology. SciPods’s main aim is not only to communicate on a broad spectrum but to also provide a simplistic dissemination service in a time-effective and convenient way to the groups we work with.

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Our team of PhD-level expert science writers work diligently to transform complex technical papers into a plain language summary. Our professional voice-over artists then beautifully narrate the script into a understandable and enjoyable SciPod. Our design team will then create unique and original cover art for each SciPod. Our dissemination team then publish the SciPod in our digital audio library, on SoundCloud, and promote to our 15,000 (and growing) audience of listeners.

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SciPod puts the spotlight on quantitative ethnography work

The episode — “Transforming Big Data into Meaningful Insights” — explores the unprecedented way social scientists can study human behavior through data in the information age.

University of Wisconsin

School of Education

My very first podcast

The team at SciPod read our paper and came up with a very nice summary of our work. I now have my very first podcast about my work on statistical solutions for small data sets. With many thanks to SciPod for making this possible (I can only wish my accent was like this!)

Utrecht University

Assistant Professor

Thank you for the SciPod

I thought that it is very well done, very clear, and perfectly captures the necessary points. A very good job.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

MD, Department of Inflammation and Immunity

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