Oct 3, 2022 | health and medicine

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Epilepsy is a chronic, long-term disease in which abnormal activity in the brain leads to repeated seizures, and it affects nearly 70 million people worldwide. The exact mechanisms behind epileptic seizures are still poorly understood. However, we do know that epilepsy can be caused by changes in the network structure of our brains and that seizures may be a result of spontaneous excessive brain synchronisation. Professor Eckehard Schöll and his Master student Moritz Gerster together with colleagues are using computer simulations to better understand the interplay of network structure and network synchronisation in epilepsy.

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This SciPod is a summary of the paper ‘FitzHugh–Nagumo oscillators on complex networks mimic epileptic-seizure-related synchronization phenomena’, by Moritz Gerster, Rico Berner, Jakub Sawicki, Anna Zakharova, Antonín Škoch, Jaroslav Hlinka, Klaus Lehnertz and Eckehard Schöll, published in Chaos 30, 123130 (2020),

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