A Scientist’s Guide For Communicating Science To The Public

It is now widely accepted that public sci-comm is a fundamental aspect of a scientist’s career. While many do recognise this, it can be a challenge to do it effectivelyThe purpose of this guide, therefore, is to provide some practical guidance for scientists, students, and budding science communicators who desire to communicate their work to the public in an effective and engaging manner.

Want support to increase the impact of your research?

  • Good science communication helps people make informed decisions and motivates them to take appropriate and affirmative action.
  • Good science communication encourages everyday people to be scientifically literate so that they can analyse the integrity and legitimacy of information.
  • Good science communication encourages people into STEM-related fields of study and employment.
  • Good public science communication fosters a community around research that includes both members of the public, policymakers and scientists.
  • In a recent survey, 75% of people suggested they would prefer to listen to an interesting story than read it.