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Although the academic journal in which your research paper finally appears is very important, the overall impact of your work can be just as critical. Think about who will read your paper – you really want more than just your academic colleagues to know about the work you do. How can you make your research enticing and engaging to investors, policy makers, and stakeholder? How can you ensure that your work is covered in the national and international media? 

With over 6000 new papers published daily, researchers must think more-and-more about the socioeconomic impact of their work, much more than just how many people read their articles.

Don’t sit and wait for print and online media to find you. Make sure you have information ready for your website, blog and social media channels so that people can quickly learn about your research and find out why it’s interesting.

What we do

A plain language article is quite different to your typical scientific, peer-reviewed publication, and also shouldn’t be confused with a plan language summary. We do not disclose researchers’ scientific results for the first time, we simply make (already peer-reviewed) research understandable and widely available to a broader audience, so that non-specialists can learn about the research and appreciate the significance of the results.

Each article is written, and designed if required, by our team of skilled science writers and communicators. Our writers work to present the research in the most accessible way, so that people from all different backgrounds can understand its significance. We believe that science should be communicated in a very understandable, enjoyable and accessible format. The majority of research is funded at government level through the tax-paying public, so we believe it is crucial to try and connect science and society.

Plain Language Article – text only

Plain Language Article – designed

Production Time

1-3 Weeks 

Your Time

2-3 Hours 

Cost – text only

$350 USD 

Cost – designed

$500 USD 

Editorial Process

Step 1

Input your details and upload your paper through the order button below

Step 2

 Note any key aspects of work you want us to highlight. That way we can tailor the piece to your personal objectives

Step 3

Our editorial team will identify key points of the paper and produce a draft of the article

Step 4

The article is sent back to you for review and comment

Step 5

For the graphic designed option, we create all images and illustrations and send back to you for review and approval

Step 6

The final article is provided to you in PDF format and under a creative commons lisence

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