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With so much unprecedented investment towards pod-casting and audio books, governments and business executives are top of our list of esteemed clients who want to be at the forefront of current research and development. Perhaps the main beneficiaries of our services are teachers and scientists. In the case of teachers, SciPod has given them a more efficient way to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists. For scientists, SciPod presents a way of communicating outside their ordinary spectrum.

SciPod boasts a rich reputation of bringing a new, authentic and easy communication service to lovers of science and technology. Recognising that anyone has the ability to create a podcast, we welcome you with open arms if you are interested in working with us by creating your very own SciPod. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll talk you through the simple process.

SciPods’s main aim is not only to communicate on a broad spectrum but to also provide a dissemination service in a time-effective and convenient way to the groups we work for in a simple way. Our team of expert science writers work diligently to transform complex technical papers into more understandable layman’s language. In addition, our professional voice-over artists are always ready to indulge you by beautifully narrating the script into a fully functioning SciPod. Once the SciPod is ready, we host it on our dedicated web page and disseminate it to our eager audience of listeners. You will also receive a dedicated web link with the original SciPod file attached for your own personal use.

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4 step production


Supply background material on the research to be covered. Our science writers will create an overview factual piece capturing the main story of the research. We send this to you to review and edit if needed – this is the main factual piece to form the SciPod


SciPod script is then written and sent back to you for approval


Script is then passed over to our voiceover artist to narrate, this is then sent back to you for final approval


Job done – We will host the SciPod in our digital library giving you a unique web page for sharing and linking, we will also provide original file formats for personal use and direct hosting




Narration only
£60/100 Words
  • Narration of a supplied research paper or article
  • Proof reading and editing of supplied article
  • Narration by voiceover expert
  • 5 voiceover edits
  • SciPod creation and hosting
  • Unlimited and unrestricted personal usage


Article writing, narration and dissemination campagin
  • Expert layman article and script writing from supplied background material
  • Unlimited revisions and editing of script
  • Narration by voiceover artist of your choice
  • Unlimited voiceover edits
  • Intro and outro music
  • SciPod creation and hosting
  • Unlimited and unrestricted personal usage
  • Personalised social media campaign
  • Personalised marketing campaign