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SciPod will transform your paper into a sharable audio summary

A large number of scientists and researchers are actively being encouraged by their institute or funding agency to engage and showcase their work beyond their own niche communities and traditional publishing channels, especially when it comes to taxpayer-funded research. Outreach and broader impacts are now an important assessment tool for both funders and employers. 

Quoting REF2021: “Scientists must provide accountability for public investment in research and produce evidence of the benefits of this investment.”

Quoting the NSF: “Broader Impacts: The potential to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes.”

Quoting the WHO: “Knowledge translation is the synthesis, exchange, and application of knowledge by relevant stakeholders to accelerate the benefits of global and local innovation in strengthening health systems and improving people’s health.”

We think it’s vital to support traditional scholarly publishing and transform science into something enjoyable, understandable and impactful that everyone has a chance to be involved with. More visibility and accessibility to research will create more opportunities for funding, employment, and partnerships.

We support and overcome these barriers for thousands of scientists around the globe.

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How does SciPod work


SciPod is an end-to-end production and dissemination service supporting researchers in communicating their work and reaching a much broader and diverse audience. 

Each SciPod is based on a single research paper, and our team work to present the research in the most accessible, understandable and enjoyable way. Listeners with varying levels of expertise and knowledge will be able to understand the significance and potential impact of the research.

We have a simple 4 step production process, as follows:

Step 1 – Upload your paper on our online ordering system

Step 2 – SciPod script produced
Our writing and editing team will produce the first plain language summary script within 7 days. Our standard-length script is approximately 1200 words. Once produced, this is sent back to you for review and approval. We do not publish anything without your 100% approval.

Step 3 – We go to the recording studio
The script is passed to our professional voice artists who elegantly and clearly read your script and produce the first audio draft. The draft is then sent to you to listen and approve before the final stages of completion.

Step 4 – Your SciPod is published
We create an eye-catching cover design for your audiobook, and produce you a unique webpage within our audio library. We then disseminate to our direct audience and through our audio and social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify, to name a few.

It’s as simple as that. On average the process should take no longer than 1 hour of your time over a period of 2–4 weeks.

We publish all material in an open and barrier-free format under a creative commons licence. We have no pay walls or subscribe walls to view, download or share any of our material. We encourage all groups we work with to extend the impact of each SciPod by personally utilising it. For example, post it directly on your University’s website or social media page, or add a link to it in your CV as a summary of your recent work.

Additional benefits

We want to do more than produce and publish for you. So, we have designed SciPod to give you a number of tangible benefits for future use. You will receive:

  • A 1200-word plain language summary article written by a professional science writing team
  • Industry standard editing
  • Professional voice narration
  • Studio quality recording
  • A dedicated audio library page for ease of access and sharing your SciPod
  • A user-friendly, instant play, download and social media share interface
  • Dissemination to our full audience of listeners
  • Dissemination on all major audio networks
  • Links to your original science paper to help boost interaction and citation
  • Bespoke cover art for your SciPod
  • MP3 file of your SciPod for personal use
  • Text transcription of your SciPod which can be used as a standalone plain language summary
  • SEO optimised

We can also turn your SciPod transcript into a graphically designed dissemination brochure



Only $600

SciPod with transcript design


Only $850