You’re just once piece of communication away from securing your next grant… from forming a new collaboration… from getting that promotion… from recruiting new lab members… from inspiring the next generation


Good science communication helps people make informed decisions and motivates them to take appropriate and affirmative action.

Good science communication encourages everyday people to be scientifically literate so that they can analyse the integrity and legitimacy of information.

Good science communication encourages people into STEM-related fields of study and employment.

Good public science communication fosters a community around research that includes both members of the public, policymakers and scientists.

Despite these benefits, very few scientists can invest the needed time or energy into science communication. Of course, it is not always a scientist’s fault that this happens. There are barriers to even sincere efforts to engage in science communication. We conducted a recent survey and found three main reasons why:

Between writing, reviewing, field work, data analysis, teaching, conferences, social gatherings and family, scientists have a lot to juggle

Unfortunately, scientists can fall into the trap of using vernacular from a very specific area of expertise that is totally foreign to the average reader or listener.

Budgets are tight, funding is being cut. For a research to do this themselves would cost time and money, to employ a marketing company would be astronomical.

Our Simple 4 step SciPod process can help you

Sample SciPod

What you get with SciPod

  • A 1200 word plain language summary article written by a professional science writing team
  • Industry standard editing
  • Professional voice narration
  • Studio quality recording
  • A dedicated audio library page, and soundcloud page  for ease of access and sharing your SciPod
  • A user friendly, instant play, download and social media share interface
  • Dissemination to our full audience of listeners and any personal referrals
  • Links to the text version of your SciPod, and links to your original science paper
  • Bespoke cover art for your SciPod
  • A unique URL for personal hosting and sharing your SciPod
  • MP3 file of your SciPod for personal use
  • Text transcription of your SciPod which can be used as a standalone plain language summary or outreach document

All of this for only $500

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will this take me to produce a SciPod?
A: On average it will take under 1 hour of your time over a period of 2 weeks. We have designed the process so that we are doing 95% of the work.

Q: But will I get chance to approve this before its published?
A: Absolutely! that is where your contribution comes in. Yes we want to take the time worry away from you, but we are very much working for you. This is your research and the drafts of the script, audio, and cover art are all sent to you to review and comment. Nothing is published without your 100% approval.

Q: Will I be able to use the audio myself?
A: Yes, you will have unlimited and unrestricted use of your SciPod. We will provide you with an Mp3 file and also create you a dedicated audio library page so that you can directly link and share. Put this on your website, link this on your science paper or poster, shout about it on social media, the choice is yours.

Q: What subjects do you cover?
A: We have a network of PhD level science writers who can understand and tackle any subject. No science is too complex to have a SciPod.

Q: Can I acknowledge my collaborators and funders?
A: Yes, at the end of each SciPod we have an acknowledgement section where we can list all contributors.

Q: Can I have multiple SciPods?
A: Yes, typically one SciPod covers one science paper. If you have multiple science papers in pre-print, review, or published then we can create a SciPod for one and all. Process each SciPod individually through our sign up page.

Q: What is your audience of listeners?
A: With 10,000 monthly website visitors and 6,000 social media followers, we reach a broad and diverse audience of listeners with scientific interest. Because we keep all SciPods open, free to share and download, we have an additional syndicated audience of over 10,000 listeners.

Q: How much does this cost and why do I have to pay?
A: We have listened to researchers on their budget requirements and priced this very competitively. Each SciPod has a total cost of $500, this covers the full production, hosting, and dissemination. As you can understand, to employ a team of professional writers, editors, voice artists and graphic designers comes at a cost. Compare this to the value of your individual time it would take to produce a SciPod, then our costs are extremely reasonable. Factor in the web hosting, disseminating, and the open access factor and you can soon see why we have a cost…. an extremely reasonable cost!

Original science communication, no experience needed, low time input, cost effective, only $500