Good science communication fosters a community around research that includes both members of the public, policymakers and scientists


If you are reading this page, you likely appreciate the need for effective science communication. Nevertheless, here is a brief run-down of why science communication is important

  • Good science communication helps people make informed decisions and motivates them to take appropriate and affirmative action.


  • Good science communication encourages everyday people to be scientifically literate so that they can analyse the integrity and legitimacy of information.


  • Good science communication encourages people into STEM-related fields of study and employment.


  • Good public science communication fosters a community around research that includes both members of the public, policymakers and scientists.

Despite these benefits, very few scientists can invest the needed time or energy into science communication. Of course, it is not always a scientist’s fault that this happens. There are barriers to even sincere efforts to engage in science communication.

We support and overcome these barriers for thousands of scientists around the globe.

SciPod will also help you:

Save you time

Between writing, reviewing, field work, data analysis, teaching, conferences, social gatherings and family, scientists have a lot to juggle.

Define a layman narrative

Scientists can fall into the trap of using vernacular from a very specific area of expertise that is totally foreign to the average reader or listener.

Be financially responsible

Budgets are tight, funding is being cut. For a researcher to do this themselves would cost time and money, to employ a marketing company would be extremely expensive.

Production process

 Our simple 4 step production process has been designed by scientists for scientists

What you get with your SciPod

  • A 1200 word plain language summary article written by a professional science writing team
  • Industry standard editing
  • Professional voice narration
  • Studio quality recording
  •  A dedicated audio library page for ease of access and sharing your SciPod
  •  A user friendly, instant play, download and social media share interface
  •  Dissemination to our full audience of listeners
  •  Dissemination across all major audio platforms
  •  Links to your original science paper to help boost citation
  • Bespoke cover art for your SciPod
  • A unique URL for personal hosting and sharing your SciPod
  • MP3 file of your SciPod for personal use
  • Text transcription of your SciPod which can be used as a standalone plain language summary
  • Published under a creative commons license to enable free access and unrestricted sharing

SciPod sample

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Who should get a SciPod?

  • Those who want to raise awareness of their research
  • Those would like to communicate more but haven’t got the time
  • Those who would like to communicate more but don’t know how
  • Those who understand the importance of public engagement
  • Those who want to highlight the importance and necessity of scientific research
  • Those who want to improve public understanding of a certain scientific subject
  • Those who want an original piece of scicomm to support their scholarly papers
  • Those who want to be astute with communication expenses