SciPod diligently transforms complex science into an accessible, understandable, influential, and enjoyable medium


SciPod is a leading science communicator focusing on audio communication. Born by a team of creative thinkers and explorers from inside and outside the academic community with an aim to make science accessible, understandable, influential, and enjoyable. We blend a diverse pool of backgrounds and expertise, from scientific researchers to editors, from writers to designers, from voice actors to public relations. Together we have over 20 years’ experience in the scientific communication field.

With our rich reputation of bringing a new, authentic and easy communication service to lovers of science and technology. SciPod has helped hundreds of researchers, universities, publishers, and societies communicate their science beyond traditional literature and academic journals.

Partnership opportunities

There are several ways we can take action to support your communication efforts, from implementing the simple SciPod production process into your existing publishing process, through to creating a bespoke white label service especially for your journal or news outlet. Our overall goal is to provide an additional, valuable, and time effective service to both you and your clients.

We look forward to collaborating with you on small and large projects, one off or ongoing projects, and work with you on delivering a valuble and cost responsible service to your authors.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please email nick@scipod.global or use on the link below.

Our Simple 4 step production process is ready to integrate with your publishing platform

SciPod Example

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will this take to produce a SciPod?
A: On average it will take under 1 hour of your clients time over a period of 2 weeks. We have designed the process so that we are doing 95% of the work and we will liaise directly with your client if required.
Q: Will our clients get chance to approve their SciPod before its published?
A: Absolutely! This is your clients research and the drafts of the script, audio, and cover art are all sent to your client to review and comment. Nothing is published without 100% approval.
Q: Do you work with us or the researcher?
A: The choice is yours. We are happy to work directly with you through your current systems, or directly with the researcher whose work we are presenting. All we ask is for one main contact to keep the production process streamline.
Q: Will we be able to us the audio independently and publish alongside the original paper?
A: Yes, you will have unlimited and unrestricted use of each SciPod. We will provide you with an Mp3 file and also create a dedicated audio library page for each SciPod so that you can directly link and share. Put this on your website, link this on your science paper, shout about it on social media, the choice is yours. We will also have a link to the original paper on the SciPod page.
Q: What subjects do you cover?
A: We have a network of PhD level science writers who can understand and tackle any subject. No science is too complex to have a SciPod.
Q: What is your audience of listeners?
A: With 10,000 monthly website visitors and 6,000 social media followers, we reach a broad and diverse audience of listeners with scientific interest. Because we keep all SciPods open, free to share and download, we have an additional syndicated audience of over 10,000 listeners.
Q: What do you currently charge for a SciPod?
A: An individual SciPod has a total cost of $500, this covers the full production, hosting, and dissemination. As you can understand, to employ a team of professional writers, editors, voice artists and graphic designers comes at a cost. Compare this to the value of your individual or teams time it would take to produce a SciPod, then our costs are extremely reasonable. Factor in the web hosting, disseminating, and the open access factor and you can soon see why we have a cost…. an extremely reasonable cost!