Institutional Public Engagement Program (IPEP)



As you probably already know, academics are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to communicate more broadly, especially to the public.

Moreover, given the significant change in the way information is disseminated and accessed, people want more from researchers, academic institutions, and industry than ever before. As a result, the topic of science communication is a growing area of interest.

It is now widely accepted that broader science communication is a fundamental aspect of a scientist’s career. While many do recognise this, it can be a challenge to do it effectively. SciPod offers a professional communication and dissemination service to support and enhance science. We make science understandable, enjoyable, accessible, and open.

Institutional Public Engagement Program (IPEP)

SciPod’s IPEP will support you in profiling your academics’ activities through an additional, original, cost-effective and expertly-produced outreach communication option.

SciPod has an unrivalled team of scientific experts, writers, designers and voice artists to support and complement your communication department in communicating the work and impact of your researchers.

We enable organisations, institutes, universities, funding bodies, NGOs and scholarly societies to share, disseminate and promote their scientific and societal endeavours through SciPod – to a broader and more diverse audience than traditional media and publication outlets can readily provide.

IPEP goals and objectives

We have worked with and spoken to many academics who understand the value of science communication and what we offer – from personal, scientific and societal points of view. The first major barrier is the fact that there is a cost to engage in quality science communication, and there is often no clear budget for this, even if a public engagement mandate is included in the objectives of a research project. The second barrier is the time it takes to produce quality science communication material.

So, not only do we tackle the goal of making science fun, accessible and available to anyone and everyone, but we have also developed a low-cost and expedited service that allows academics and departments to carry on with their important daily tasks whilst being able to deliver a high-impact outreach campaign.

Our main focus is writing and developing the content in close collaboration with our clients and partners so that their remit and importance can be better communicated in a more contextualised way. We produce all material in a personalised format so that the focus is on the research and the researcher. By doing this, it allows the audience to connect and get to know the scientist and the science on a more intimate level.

Merits of IPEP

  • We deliver a non-automated, end-to-end, personalised production and dissemination service. There are no heavy time or work expectations on you or your researchers to produce each SciPod.
  • We present each SciPod in an intimate manner so that the listener not only gets to understand the science, but also gets to know the researcher.
  • We have the dedicated time and know-how to invest in communicating science for each individual research project and researcher.
  • Most importantly, we have an experienced and professional team of writers, editors, voice artists and designers, who know the science communication ropes and can transform science into something palatable and engaging.
  • We publish under a creative commons licence, which allows the listener and end user to freely listen, share and enjoy. We have already laid a solid foundation with our audience of interested listeners and professional contacts, along with a strong social media presence, to increase the impact of your communication efforts.
  • We provide you with unlimited and unrestricted use of all material produced so that you can utilise it alongside your in-house communication efforts.

Benefits of IPEP

Institutions may find that our service offers a very cost-effective and supportive solution to their current communication channels. Some institutions’ academics may wish to or already regularly work with SciPod, but the approval process, financing and administration can be time consuming. Our program can support institutions in the following ways:

Simplified relationship

  • To support the ease of production, SciPod will provide a dedicated submission channel for your institute. Any submission here would receive priority with a dedicated team.
  • To simplify the payment processes, we can adjust our invoicing procedure to meet the needs of each institution. We are able to customise invoices as required, group them together, or issue them at a specific time. We can send invoices directly to individual researchers or issue invoices centrally.
  • Your institute will be provided with a unique discount code to offer an agreed reduction rate on SciPod’s production fees.
  • Your researchers will not need to seek prior approval to work with SciPod, as they will know that we are a trusted communication partner.
  • Your institute will have to the option to approve all content before publishing.
  • The institution can cancel your participation in the program at any time.

Metrics and impact

  • All institutional participants receive an impact report for their SciPod. Not only does this provide visible metrics, but this can also be included in final grant reporting to show public engagement activities.
There is no cost to be involved in the IPEP program. This is about formulating an honest and reliable working relationship, and providing your members with an outreach option so that they can avoid the many unqualified and ineffective communication services that are available.

There are no complex terms and conditions – just click the button below to sign up or contact us to discuss in more detail.

What your researchers will get

A Simplified 4 step SciPod production process requiring minimal time input

A professional and original science communication audiobook

A whole list of additional benefits

A personal production team

  • A 1200 word plain language summary article written by a professional science writing team
  • Industry standard editing
  • Professional voice narration
  • Studio quality recording
A unique webpage

  • A dedicated audio library page, and soundcloud page  for ease of access and sharing your SciPod
  • A user friendly, instant play, download and social media share interface
  • Dissemination to our full audience of listeners and any personal referrals
  • Links to the text version of your SciPod, and links to your original science paper
Bespoke material for institutional and personal use

  • Bespoke cover art for your SciPod
  • A unique URL for personal hosting and sharing your SciPod
  • MP3 file of your SciPod for personal use
  • Text transcription of your SciPod which can be used as a standalone plain language summary or outreach document

Original science communication, no experience needed, low time input, cost effective


Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will this take me to produce a SciPod?
A: On average it will take under 1 hour of your researchers time over a period of 2 weeks. We have designed the process so that we are doing the majority of the work.

Q: Will we get chance to approve this before its published?
A: Absolutely! Yes we want to take the time worry away from you and your researchers, but we are very much working for you. The drafts of the script, audio, and cover art are all sent to you to review and comment. Nothing is published without your 100% approval.


Q: Do you work with the communication department or the researcher?
A: The choice is yours. We are happy to work directly with you, or directly with the researcher whose work we are presenting. All we ask is for one main contact to keep the production process streamline. The preferred method is usually to work with the researcher directly, and then sign the final SciPod to the communications department for publishing approval.


Q: Will our institute be able to us the audio independently?
A: Yes, you will have unlimited and unrestricted use of each SciPod. We will provide you with an Mp3 file and also create a dedicated audio library page for each SciPod so that you can directly link and share. Put this on your website, link this on your science paper or poster, shout about it on social media, the choice is yours.


Q: What subjects do you cover?
A: We have a network of PhD level science writers who can understand and tackle any subject. No science is too complex to have a SciPod.

Q: What is your audience of listeners?
A: With 10,000 monthly website visitors and 6,000 social media followers, we reach a broad and diverse audience of listeners with scientific interest. Because we keep all SciPods open, free to share and download, we have an additional syndicated audience of over 10,000 listeners.

Q: How much does this cost and why do we have to pay?
A: We have listened to individual researchers, finance departments, and communications departments and have developed a cost effective solution to help support their communication efforts. An individual SciPod has a total cost of $500 USD, this covers the full production, hosting, and dissemination. As part of IPEP your institute and associated researchers will be entitled to an agreed discount on each SciPod produced.

As you can understand, to employ a team of professional writers, editors, voice artists and graphic designers comes at a cost. Compare this to the value of your individual or teams time it would take to produce a SciPod, then our costs are extremely reasonable. Factor in the web hosting, disseminating, and the open access factor and you can soon see why we have a cost…. an extremely reasonable cost!